History of the Rovira Home Supply Store

The secret of our more than 100 years of history is our personality: there is no other supply store like us. Throughout this time, we have worked to become a team of expert professionals in the care of clothes and the house, and to work with our customers in solving their problems.

Drogueria Rovira_Drogueria Tecnica Especializada en Barcelona_1910-1920_Historia de la drogueria

1910 – 1920

1910 – Jaume Rovira Creixell opens a supply store in number 59 Republica Argentina street, with the name of “Supply store, Oils and Soaps”.

Conejo brand bleach was sold in a glass bottle as a domestic cleaning product.

1914 – Rubinat Mineral Water and Dr Gustin’s Litines become popular sellers

1916 – Netol is born, the most prestigious metal cleaner on the market.

Ramon Rovira Auleda begins to work in the supply store with his parents.

Come visit us our store in Barcelona. You can also call us and we will send your order to you.

1920 – 1930

Cerebrino Mandri was a miraculous syrup that was sold in the supply store for headaches and to cure all kinds of rheumatic pain.

Foret hydrogen peroxide gained much fame and renown during the first half of the 20th century. In the 1920s, a litre cost 2.75 pesetas.

1922 – Iberia Dyes go on the market, used to dye all kinds of clothes at home.

1925 – Ramón Rovira Auleda marries Madrona Vendrell Rosell at the age of 23.

1928 – Rovira Home Supplies sells the first flytrap, called Orión, which immediately achieved great success among its customers.

Drogueria Rovira_Drogueria Tecnica Especializada en Barcelona_1920-1930_Historia de la drogueria
Drogueria Rovira_Drogueria Tecnica Especializada en Barcelona_1930-1940_Historia de la drogueria

1930 – 1940

1932 – In the back room of the supply store Montserrat Rovira Vendrell is born, who in the future would be the successor of the family business.

Floïd, an aftershave lotion that helps relieve skin irritation, is launched on the market.

1934 – Rovira Home Supplies moves to Pàdua street and in 1936 to number 127 Saragossa Street.

Titán revolutionizes the Spanish paint industry with the launch of the first domestically produced synthetic enamel: the Titanlux.

During the postwar period, Carabaña Water becomes popular for its purgative, detoxifying, and laxative properties.

One of the great successes of the forties in the world of supply stores was the furniture cleaner “RR”, created by Ramon Rovira, and which became a competitor to other well-known brands.

1940 – 1950

1940 – Rovira Home Supplies moves to its current address: to number three Molins de Rei Street (now 127 Madrazo street). The name changes to “Droguería Galvany de Ramon Rovira”.

The first lease agreement established a quarterly rent of 3,300 pesetas for the premises.

1944 – Norit appears on the market, the first detergent specifically designed for washing wool and silk, with its emblematic little lamb.

Rovira Home Supplies advertises in the Aristos, Astoria and Forest cinemas with an advertisement that consists of a static colour slide.

Montserrat Rovira works in the supply store where she is responsible for making some of the home delivery orders with a bicycle.

Ramon Rovira invents the “RR” furniture cleaner, which soon gains great prestige.

1945 – DDT becomes a very popular product that contributes to the increase in demand for insecticides in our country.

Drogueria Rovira_Drogueria Tecnica Especializada en Barcelona_1940-1950_Historia de la drogueria
Drogueria Rovira_Drogueria Tecnica Especializada en Barcelona_1950-1960_Historia de la drogueria

1950 – 1960

1955 – Mistol is born, a multipurpose soap product with an innovative presentation in an individual glass bottle.

1957 – With the addition of Francisco Segarra, husband of Montserrat Rovira, to the family business, the supply store begins to become more professional.

Francisco Segarra invents the Palo-Misión (Mission stick) to mop the floor without kneeling. Soon after, the Rodex brand mops emerge.

Traditional starch, like this one from the brand Remy, is still used to iron the most delicate garments.

Two innovative products that arrived in those years at the Rovira Supply Store were the toilet papers from the brands of Elephant and Red deer.

1960 – 1970

1960 – Ramón Segarra y Rovira, the fourth generation of the Rovira Home Supplies saga, is born in Barcelona.

Rovira Home Supplies begins to sell specialized perfumery products such as Agup hair tonic and Ryellis Brillantina.

The store begins to sell a new product: Titán brand plastic paints.

The so-called “Home Savings Coupon” becomes popular, which consists of a book of coupons that can be exchanged for a gift for the home.

Drogueria Rovira_Drogueria Tecnica Especializada en Barcelona_1960-1970_Historia de la drogueria
Drogueria Rovira_Drogueria Tecnica Especializada en Barcelona_1970-1980_Historia de la drogueria

1970 – 1980

1972 – Ramón Rovira Auleda passes on the business to his daughter, Montserrat Rovira, and his son-in-law, Francisco Segarra. The store will be called Droguería M. Rovira.

Droguería Rovira (Rovira Home Supplies) starts to sell different polishes and repair creams for shoes, such as the brands J. Balart, Búfalo, Kanfort or Kiwi.

1974 – Thirty years after its birth, Norit grows with its version of liquid detergent for hand washing.

The Rovira Supply Store has an ample and Specialized selection of chemical products of all types that are still sold by weight nowadays.

1980 – 1990

1982 – Ramon Segarra y Rovira starts working at the supply store. The fourth generation joins the family business.

1985 – Rovira Home Supplies turns 75 years old.

Francisco Segarra and his son visit international fairs and import prestigious and innovative brands such as Antiquax.

Rovira Home Supplies begins to sell moth repellents such as Polil or the new Orión peg.

Drogueria Rovira_Drogueria Tecnica Especializada en Barcelona_1980-1990_Historia de la drogueria
Drogueria Rovira_Drogueria Tecnica Especializada en Barcelona_1990-2000_Historia de la drogueria

1990 – 2000

1991 – Rovira Home Supplies becomes a member of the American Chamber of Commerce.

1992 – Francisco Segarra dies. Rovira Home Supplies loses a master of the trade.

The corporate image of the supply store is updated: its maroon logo is changed and a new website is launched.

Ramón Segarra advances and consolidates the specialisation of brush making in the supply store.

1999 – Coinciding with its 90th anniversary, the supply store is awarded the Sarrià-Sant Gervasi Medal in recognition of its status as an emblematic establishment of the neighborhood and the district.

Rovira's own range of products grows, Specialized in cleaning and restoration of floors, wood and furniture, among others

2000 – 2010

2000 – The supply store consolidates its position as a highly specialized store in its sector, with a selection of almost 30,000 items.

2006 – Rovira Home Supplies receives the Barcelona Medal of Honour for being a benchmark for quality local trade in Barcelona and Sant Gervasi.

2007 – The supply store obtains the Arrelat a la cuitat (Rooted in the city) award in recognition of its roots in the city of Barcelona.

2010 – Rovira Home Supplies celebrates its centenary with the publication of a commemorative book. The corporate logo is created and a new website is launched.

Also on 19-10-2010, it receives the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce Award to coincide with its centenary.

Drogueria Rovira_Drogueria Tecnica Especializada en Barcelona_2000-2010_Historia de la drogueria
Drogueria Rovira_Drogueria Tecnica Especializada en Barcelona_2010-2020_Historia de la drogueria

2010 – 2020

2012 – Rovira Home Supplies receives the Generalitat (Regional government) Award for reaching 100 years as a business establishment.

It also receives an accompanying certificate. The award is presented by the jury for business and employment of the Generalitat (regional government) of Catalonia.

2014 – Special mention from the award for the “Millor Botiga del Món” (best boutique in the world)

The supply store expands its range of its own-brand products, maintaining the highest quality standards, always with functionality and design as top priorities.

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