SOS underarm area! How to clean it effectively

Perfect laundry at home begins with knowing how to wash shirts, be they men’s or women’s. It may seem complicated, but in fact it is only a matter of learning some basic notions, starting with knowing how to identify the type of dirt that needs to be removed from this commonly worn garment, to washing them impeccably and making them easy to iron.

Correct products and methods

  • One of the critical areas of the shirt is the armpits, very often forgotten and from which problems arise when we find the iron in our hands, or – even worse – when we wear an ironed shirt but with a bad smell or with yellow spots at the join with the sleeve.
  • The area that collects the sweat from the armpit is very often subject to changes in color (yellow) and becomes a point where bad smells are concentrated. Sweating is a healthy and normal bodily function. Bad odour derives from bacteria that reproduce and, if the bacteria responsible for the problem are not eliminated, a simple wash is not enough to eliminate the bad smell.
  • Washing shirts at high temperatures spoils them, therefore, the ideal is to pre-treat the area with a specific product that sanitises them efficiently. Nuncas proposes Collars and Cuffs, a one-of-a-kind stain remover, which was created to remove dirt from body oils, make-up residues and soot that sticks to shirts during normal use. It also works on the fibre with deep-cleansing antibacterial action.
  • Sprayed directly on the underarm area, especially on new shirts with stretchy fabrics or modern synthetic fibres, it eliminates the cause of odour in a cold wash and maintains the freshness of the freshly washed garment even with later uses.
  • In this way we get two results: neck, wrists and armpits return to perfectly clean “white”, while the cause of the bad odour disappears.
  • Nuncas Collars and Cuffs is the only stain remover that can be used safely on wool and silk garments. It is very effective, above all, on those delicate fabrics that cannot be washed in hot water in any circumstances. That’s right, once you spray it on the area to be treated, you can proceed to normal washing, just as you usually do.
  • The perfect addition to your wash, it will become indispensable after the first use, because you will immediately notice the difference. And the underarm area will no longer be a problem when ironing, nor a reason for embarrassment when you are wearing your clean, fresh-smelling clothes.

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